Delicious post here ( English post )

1 week ago we had the pleasure of meeting Hanadi, who is a business/ Finance Graduate to be precise and the owner and the cake / dessert baker and artist, behind Little Leah’s Kitchen, and those delightful cupcakes! Here is a little more about Hanadi and her business. 

She is a mompreneur who is planning to build her dream step by step. She finally gave her talent, creativity and passion a chance to flourish. She always had a reason not to start and always waited for the right time. Well, the right time happened less than two yrs ago and she is still working on growing her dream day by day. 

Quick facts about her :

 -Self taught cake and gourmet dessert artist
 -Baking is her passion, Being creative and going above and beyond to surpass her clients expectations is always number one
 -Always fresh, best ingredients, and best quality! She is a firm believer of quality over quantity!  
-Bridal cakes and other gourmet desserts are always customized with the highest artistic, unique, each hold its own story and last but not least many carry an exotic twist. 
-Taking orders for 2018 weddings.

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We are simply in loveeee with her cupcakes and her kindness ❤️
Getting married? planning an event? simply enjoying life and the  sweeeeet things? —> Go have a look at her instagram and amazing work!